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The Remembrall

a muggle's guide to Harry Potter fan fiction

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GOOD Harry Potter Fan Fiction.
In the difficult search for well written Harry Potter fic, we present to you The Remembrall. A place to recommend, search for, and post GOOD HP fic!



It shouldn't need to be said, but please make sure to spell and grammar check your fics before posting. ALL-CAPS and sTiCkY posts are not permitted.

I. Subject line should be formatted as follows for Fan Fiction:

Fic: Title (Pairing/Character) Rating


Ficlet: Title (Pairing/Character) Rating

Generally, anything under 1,000 words can be labeled a ficlet.

II. Subject line should be formatted as follows for Fic Recommendations:

Fic Rec: Title (Pairing/Character) Rating by name of author.

III. Subject line should be formatted as follows for Fic Request/Search:

Accio Fic! Title, Pairing, or Author (if you can remember any)

IV: Lengthy posts should be posted below an LJ-Cut to keep the page readable. (Don't know how to do an LJ-Cut? This journal will likely help you out.)

Above the cut, please include the following for actual fic:

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with the creation of Harry Potter. No copyright infringement is intended.
Word Count:

And any notes you might have about the fic.

Above the cut, please include the following for fic recommendations:

Fic: (title & link to actual story here)
Author: (who wrote it)
Status: (Is it complete or is it a work in progress?)
Location: (Link to the site, itself - not the story.)
Summary: (Copied from the fic and pasted here.)

This is where your LJ Cut would go.

Why It's Good (or Why I Like it): Is it well written? Does the author have a nice grip on who the characters are? What about this fic makes you want to recommend it to everyone? Say as much or as little as you'd like, WITHOUT giving the whole thing away. The idea is to get others to read it, not spoil it for them.

Complaints: Any negatives about the fic, if any, that you'd like to discuss.

No cut is needed for an Accio Fic! post. We only ask that you try to post as much information about the fic as you can remember and hope for the best. Once you've posted that particular lost fic, please do not post it again. Before you post an Accio Fic! post, please look carefully through other Accio Fic! posts, as the fic you're looking for may have been previously requested and found.

Questions? Comments? You can email them to me at the.remembrall@gmail.com