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midnight_birth in the_remembrall

Fic: A Mother and a Wife (Harry/Hermione) NC-17

Title: A Mother and a Wife
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Harry/Hermione
Word count: 7,380
Disclaimer: Don`t own. JKR does.
Spoilers: For all books. Epilogue non-existent.
Warning(s): Harsh language, angst, explicit scenes of sexual nature, mention of character death, dub-con.

Summary: There was no question about it. Hermione was perfect for him. As perfect as it could ever get. His baby girl needed a mother – her own had died during her birth – and there was no one else in the world he would even consider. She was perfect, but whether she was able to fill in the hole the war and Ginny’s death left behind, whether she could deal with a shadow of a man that Harry had become, and whether she could ever become more than just a mother to Harry’s child, was a much harder question.

A/N: Written for angeldemorte    in an amazing anonymous Harry Potter holiday exchange community hp_wintersmut   . She requested no fluff or vanilla, H/C , forced marriage, possible questionable consent, angst if nothing else, and a semi-happy ending. This is the first Harry/Hermione fic I've ever written (I was in fact kind of against the pairing until this fic that helped me realize how fun it was to play), and the first het fic I've written in years. :)

Mother and a Wife